When you haven’t bought your Lightroom cellular presets however, Shop Here. You’re also welcome to read our FAQ should you have any questions or concerns. Click the steps below. The Lightroom portable presets should be utilized with the completely free mobile program’Adobe Lightroom’: Download Adobe Lightroom App for: IPhone Android VIDEO GUIDE WRITTEN GUIDE + TROUBLESHOOTING 1. Download Lightroom Mobile Presets on your cell phone The installation files you receive are at DNG format. Download the files into your cellular phone via the link that appears after your purchase. The connection may also be obtained via’MY ACCOUNT’ or via your email. The link will take you to files on Google Drive. Download the documents straight to your mobile phone as shown below. NOTE: Please be aware this Google Drive folder (see below) may seem different on different phones (even on older/newer IPhones) and sadly, we cannot cover all probable devices in our instructions. If you have issues downloading your own Lightroom phone presets, please refer to Google directions for your specific mobile, e. g. check this hyperlink or search Google using’how to download documents from Google Drive into XXX phone’. Choice 1 (Iphone or Android): Open the file — Click it. Click the’Download’ button in the top right corner and then keep to Download. Choice 2 (Iphone — old telephones ): Best Presets Lightroom Mobile If you still suffer from downloading, do not worry — only ask us to email you files that are preset and try to download from the own email — that normally works well for many devices. Common problems: I am getting bare / black / gray pictures instead of pictures. This is TOTALLY FINE. The setup DNG files should look like black / gray squares or a grid of images in your Camera Roll. Please DO NOT attempt to start them in your phone — they will not open. Simply continue the installation. I am not getting different photos, only a part of 9 pictures. You are doing it correctly. You’re not likely to get distinct images. Only continue the installation using the DNG file downloaded. I have tried everything and I cannot download from Google Drive to my cell phone. That’s fine, do not worry. It’s possible to either: download files to your computer > email them to yourself > download in your emailask us to email you the files > obtain from your email When I try to download that I am only able to see’Open in… VSCO App’ You don’t have to use’Open in…’ choice. You want to download the document to your cell phone. Then open Adobe Lightroom Program and upload it there — see next Measures

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